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Best Places to Visit in China!

Best Places to Visit in China!

best places to visit in ChinaAre you planning to visit China with your loved one? Do you wish to enjoy a memorable trip in the vast and diverse boundaries of China? Over the past few centuries, China has acquired an utmost level of fame and glory for its natural sceneries and unique landscapes. From the Zhangjiajie (for its precipitous pillars) toJiuzhaigou (for its colorful lakes) to Guilin (for its picturesque landscape), the country has many enticing spots for new travelers. With all this being said,; here is a comprehensive insight through the most beautiful and must visit places in China!

Colorful Rainbow Mountains

“Rainbow Mountains” is an amazing place for couples. As suggested by its name, this place is filled with many dazzling colors. Locally, the site is known as “Danxia” which means red clouds. The best time to visit this scenic place would be between June to September. This is when the mountains would be colored with shades of red, yellow and light gray.

The Yellow Mountains

The list of scenic places in China would remain incomplete without “The Yellow Mountains”. The place is surrounded by twisting lines and curvy rocks. Very rarely would you come across such a site. These mystical mountains are far away from the hustles and bustles of the big city.

Antique Place!

“Hongcun” is a unique travel destination, with a history that dates back by nine centuries. The stunning village is surrounded by lakes, ponds, bridges and striking architecture. If you wish to admire Chinese paintings with your loved one, you should visit “Hongcun”. Located near the foot of Yellow Mountains, this place is ideal for young daters.

Striking Countryside

Next in line would be “Wuyuan”. This is a striking countryside in the country with eye catchy yellow blossoms. As you visit this place during between early March and mid-April, you will see rich carpets of yellow blossoms.

A Hidden Gem

A hidden gem for young travelers would be “Xiapu”. The place is rarely discovered by novice travelers. This is a picturesque spot that portray simple life and calmness. If you love photography, silence, and nature; you will consider Xiapu as your second love! And, it is quite interesting to note that the scenery in this place changes frequently.

Gorgeous Pillars of China

As mentioned previously, Zhangjiajie is one of the most famous and much-visited places in China. It is a deep valley with gorgeous pillars and towering rocks! The massive forest will give you a walk through untouched nature. If you admire adventure, you should visit Zhangjiajie with your loved one and a trekking kit!

A Stunning Landscape called Karst!

One of China’s most beautiful landscapes would be Yangshuo and Li River. It is a masterpiece surrounded by the Karst hills. Many painters and poets have been inspired by this astounding place. It is a part of the World’s top 10 watery wonders. From countryside views to idyllic forms of nature to picturesque scenes, Li River is a complete package for duos.