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How to Text the Girl that You Like and Get Her Attention

Skills to Text  a Girl that You Like

Texting a girl to like you is not that easy considering that it can break your heart if she ignores you. Thinking that the girl you meet is the one for you, your problem now is how to text the girl that you like. To avoid rejection from her, it is about time that you learn some tips that can convince the girl to appreciate your text messages.


Greet her in a simple and courteous manner-Girls react positively to their text mates who start their message with morning or afternoon greetings. Texting your crush involves courtesy and politeness. Learn the basics of good manners before sending your text. You may also send her a birthday or congratulatory message if the occasion calls for it.

Do Not be Too Straight to the Point

Keep your message sweet and precise. Practice the art of texting sweet messages even if you are not used to it. Talking straight to the point about your intention to the girl could be interpreted as being rude and brutally frank. Every girl would appreciate your thoughtfulness by asking how is she doing and sending sweet words that can tickle her imagination.

Create “Missing” Element

Let her miss you. Sometimes girls tend to be demure and modest by ignoring your text. If she does not reply to you, be inconspicuous. By lying low, the girl would be wondering where you are now. This time, she will miss your sweet words and thoughtfulness and realizing that she has fallen for you.

Humor ! Humor ! Humor !

Make her laugh

Make her laugh

Add humor to your text. Most women love men who have a great sense of humor. You don’t have to send her jokes to show your playfulness but by using emoticons. Be creative in using symbols and avoid texting her with a cryptic message. Add a little mystery when texting her about who you are by filling some descriptions about yourself like your height, complexion and hair color.

Texting Timing is Crucial !

Find the perfect time. To use timing is one of the best ways to let the girl know that you like her. Find out what is the best time for the girl to read your text by making a research through her circle of friends or a common friend. Knowing the girl’s daily schedule will give you the idea if she is available to reply your message. Avoid texting her during unholy hours as it can pissed her off.

Create an Instinctively Habit to Receive Your Text

Drive her crazy. If the girl used to receive daily text from you, she will feel you really heels over head in love with her. But mind you, if she stops receiving the message, it makes her crazy. Try to send her a miss call after a few days, if she replies it with excitement that is a good sign that she has an interest in you. If she does not block your number, it means she wants you to keep on texting her.

Impress with Proper Language

Don’t overuse Internet Slang. Although you belong to the new generation, overuse of Internet slang can offend the girl. She may interpret the abbreviation to have a hidden meaning. Texting someone you like does not have to be complicated. Use a language that can be understood and does not have a double meaning.

Lastly, End Your Text Properly

End the text with caring words. No matter what the girl’s reaction to your text, don’t make a nasty remark. End it by saying “Bye” and “Take care.” These two words are important to enable your crush to like you.

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